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No Mans Sky Beyond Update V2 15-CODEX ##VERIFIED##

War between Neromenian and InghirshOn the shores of the Nocen, in the lands of NeromenianKing Antoridus girded his people for war. A thousand strongCarried spear and bow to the East. To be forged anewAnd rise on burning wings, heroes of Neromenian.Mighty were the Inghirsh, who returned numbers beyond countingTo the lands of their fathers, carried on the shields of their kin.Antonidus demanded victory, and so his many OraclesConsulted the stars and drank the blood of unclean beasts,Seeking counsel from the Maker that they might deliverTo their king the lands of the Inghirsh people.And the Maker gave them signs and portentsThat no victory was theirs to claim.The First DreamerBut among the king's Oracles was one, Thalsian, who sought counselNot from the Maker of the World, but from a demon of the Fade.And he returned to his king with its tidings.Antoridus turns away from the MakerIf Antoridus would make burned offerings of oxen and horsesAnd swear that he would follow the Maker no more,The demon would grant him the lands of all the Inghirsh people.So Antoridus sought the best oxen and horsesAnd made burned offerings to the demon. And he turned his backUpon the Maker of the World.Conquest of the InghirshSo did the demon gift to Antonidus victoryOver the mighty Inghirsh, and they who had held forthAgainst ten thousand spears were laid lowAnd their people were made chattel, and their lands claimedIn the name of Neromenian.War with the PlanaseneThe power of Neromenian grew sevenfold.And with it, Antoridus's heart grew hard. And he lookedUpon the lands of the Planasene to the south, and said:"There upon the plains I see a land of plenty.The branches bear fruit until they bow to the ground,And sheaves of wheat go to rot, forgotten, in the fields."So once again, in the lands of King AntoridusThe people of Neromenian girded for war. Seven thousand strongCarried spear and bow to the South. To forge anewThe land of plenty in the name of the king.In the lands of the South, on the banksOf the River Pnemoix, the people heard the croaking of ravensAnd were afraid. They cried out to their king, Damertes,To save them from the coming storm.Damertes consults his OraclesThe king of the Planasene, sorely troubled,From amongst the wisest of his people gatheredA council to prepare for the arrival of the enemy.And the sages went forth and looked to the stars,Drew water from the sacred River Pnemoix,With hope that the fate of Inghirsh might not be shared.And the Great Blade of Heaven revealedAn attack would come in secret, from the East.And the Swift carried with it news that the men of the NorthWould set the fields of Planasene alight before them.And lo, the sages returned to their King DamertesAnd girded the warriors of Planasene with talismansCarved from serpentstone and anointed their browsWith the waters of the sacred Pnemoix,And sent them forth to battle with Neromenian.Damertes decreed that all the men and women of the kingdomTo the fields of the East journey with vessels drawnFrom the Sacred Pnemoix. And for three days and three nightsThey anointed the fields that the river's blessingMight keep the fires of the dragons' children at bay.The armies clashOn the eve of battle, the armies of Antoridus raised their voicesIn praise to their demon gods for their victory to come,While the armies of Damertes called out in supplication to the Maker.No darkness could hide the fears of Planasene,No star could outshine the sureness of Neromenian.As the sun rose, the armies girded themselves,And the dragons' children put flame to the fields of Planasene,But the sacred Pnemoix protected them, and they did not burn.The army of Antoridus, seven thousand strong, raised their bowsAnd a terrible thunder rang out, and the sky went black with arrows,And though they raised their shields, a rain of death fellUpon the Planasene, whose blood anointed the fields.A mighty cry of rage went up from the army of DamertesTo see their brothers and sisters struck down.And the army of Antoridus answeredWith the thunder of spears beating shields.And the soldiers of the demon charged,Spears thirsting for the blood of the Maker's children.And the army of Damertes readied their shields.The righteous stood before the armiesAs a boulder stands before a tide:Unshaken, rooted there by the Maker's Hand.And the demon's soldiers broke upon their shieldsAs a wave breaks upon the shore.As the sun set upon the fields of Planasene,The armies of Neromenian had taken no steps into the lands of the faithful.But the fields ran red. And great were the lamentations of the livingFor the countless dead of Damertes.Damertes forsakes the MakerIn the deep hours of the night, King Damertes soughtCounsel from his sages, for he knewHis army could not withstand another day against the dragons' children.And the wisest sages of Planasene consulted the starsAnd found nothing.In desperation, King Damertes turnedTo pagan soothsayers, saying:"Find me a demon with the strength to counter Neromenian's."And they reached into the darkest realms of dreamAnd found one who promised DamertesTo turn aside the spears of AntoridusIf he would forsake the Maker and praise only her name.So, in the hours before dawn, King Damertes cursed the Maker's name.And he burned offerings to the demon, and praised herThat his lands might be spared.And as the sun rose upon the fields of the Planasene,The armies of Antoridus fell to the groundAfflicted with boils and racked with pain.And they cried out in fear, and fled back to their own lands.And from that day forth, the Maker's name was spoken no moreIn the lands of the sacred Pnemoix.

No Mans Sky Beyond Update v2 15-CODEX

Then follows the account of all that Dercyllis saw and endured further. Shelived among the Artabres, a people where the women fight while the men keephouse and deal with womans' work. Then follows what happened to them, to her andCeryllos, among the people of Astures and the adventures of Astraios inparticular; while, beyond any hope, Ceryllos and Dercyllis escaped many dangers,at Astures, Astraios did not avoid the punishment which was owed him for an oldfault; but without delay he was first saved from danger, then cut up.

Attack Potency: Building level physically (As a messiah, he should possess similar strength to The Hero. With the Magatamas Wadatsumi and Shiranui equipped, Demi-fiend has access to skills such as Ice Breath and Fire Breath, which are similar to skills such as Agi skills, which can vaporize humans, which result in this level of energy. Also has skills similar to Bufu, which can completely freeze opponents, which is this powerful) to Universe level (Fought and defeated the Fiend Matador, who created and sustains his own realm. Defeated Thor early on in his adventure, who is described as the mightiest of the Norse gods and is superior to Loki, who holds an entire universe as an extension of himself[1]. Should be superior to Morax, who created and rules over his own realm and controlled the sector, being noted to be the energy source they were looking for, said energy source is noted to control the entire sector, and be linked to the sector like a magnet. Each sector is a space-time plane layered atop each other, being planes outside of the human worlds local space-time existing in a quantum tunnel, along with being noted as parallel universes and other dimensions overlapping being isolated in time and space by enormous power being connected by quantum tunnels. Should be comparable to the past messiahs), Far Higher with Observation (Observation can be used to massively amplify one's stats, such as when the early game Shin Megami Tensei 1 protagonist was amplified to be able to fight with all the other end game protagonists and fight Stephen) & Willpower (A characters willpower in SMT allows them to increase greatly in strength allowing them to harm enemies they couldn't even scratch before and survive attacks that would have originally kill them, the will of one's friends and allies around them can invigorate one to become far more powerful then before) Universe level (Significantly stronger than before. Successfully defeated Black Frost), Far Higher with Observation & Willpower Hyper Multiverse level (Succeeded in annihilating the Archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel all at once, who are all among YHVH's highest ranking army. Fought and harmed Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV in combat, forcing him to go all out at the end of his boss fight before Gouto intervened. Impressed Gouto enough for Demi-fiend to be considered among the Kuzunoha clan. Able to take on and defeat Reason bearers such as Baal's Avatar, Noah, and Ahriman, a demon who appears as a high level end game demon in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Can destroy and absorb Kagutsuchi's powers, who created and sustains the Vortex world, which was resulted from him erasing the past, present and future of the universe, in order to construct the Vortex World in its foundations. Kagutsuchi exists as the light that encompas

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